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  • Reviewed July 2001

    Better Betting comes across a lot of the lesser-known casinos and often gives the reader their very first look at the smaller guys that are competing for our gambling time. The Top Card Casino is definitely one of those sites that few people are aware of, but is doing everything it can to make it to the big time.

    Having recently received a press release from the Top Card, I decided to take a close look at their operation to see if they are deserving of major-league billing. After visiting the casino, I do believe that the Top Card can compete with most every other casino out there.

    The Top Card website is a treat to look at; elegant yet understated, it is easy to navigate and understand. It contains just enough information to get you going, avoiding the clutter that many sites run into when trying to include every fact and tidbit they can think of.

    Download and installation of the Top Card software was a breeze. Their download sites are very fast, and it wasn't long before I was set up and ready to play. The software is somewhat less attractive than its website, and probably a bit slower to play, but I ran into no problems while playing.

    Top Card offers a great selection of games, and I found their odds to be above average. Roulette and keno were especially friendly to me... I don't know if it was a lucky cycle or what, but I consistently won with these games.

    As usual, I played it dumb and gave tech support a call. I deliberately tried to call them at strange hours of the day (1AM and 7AM Eastern time, in this case) to see if I could catch someone off-guard, but the people I spoke to both answered promptly and were able to field my questions well.

    So is the Top Card the little casino that could? I think so. Of course, you ought to try it out for yourself... I am confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised like I was. Good luck!

    - Charlie

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